Fleur de Lis Kennels (an AKC Breeder of Merit) is a collaboration of Jennifer Bell and Jennifer Bewley Robbins. The "Jennifers" met at a Great Dane Club of Louisiana meeting in 2000, soon learning they had the same goals in mind for breeding the best Great Danes possible. Through a lot of hard work and determination, champions were born. Jennifer Bell is an AKC Breeder of Merit having bred/co-bred, owned/co-owned, and handled many health tested Beagle and Great Dane Champions and Grand Champions thus far. After much heartbreak and dismay, she decided to branch off into Beagles and they have become her absolute heart breed. Both Jennifer's now own and co-own Great Danes and Beagles with each other and several other owners. Together, they breed 1-2 litters per year at most. Jennifer Bell is an all breed professional dog show handler. The Jennifers are also lucky to have husbands, Hank and Tom respectively, who appreciate and share their joy with the dogs.

Currently, Jennifer Bell's home shares space with Rebel and Stevie and their daughter, Noelle. Plus Linus and many others come and go regularly for enjoyment, training and just grandma time! Jennifer Bewley Robbins shares her home with retired Voodoo, Whiskey, and Stevie's daughter Tater, plus many other Beagles who go for play time regularly. Please enjoy our website! (Pictured above: GCHG Rebel, Hank, GCH Linus, Jennifer Bell, and GCH Stevie)

Fleur de Lis Beagles is a proud promoter of the Clearly Loved Pets dog pen. We raise all our litters in them but they also make great SAFE containment areas for your Beagle while you're away. Please use the code 10%BEAGLE when purchasing for a 10% discount. Click on the image below to visit their website for more information:


If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to CONTACT US or visit us on Facebook.